Upon crash of Mi-8 action

is brought Upon crash of Mi-8 action

Upon crash in Murmansk region of the Mi-8 helicopter with officials criminal case under article "violation of the rules of traffic safety of air transport" is brought. The helicopter fell to the lake, two passengers managed to survive. Onboard only 18 people, from them 5 people – crew. Officials, allegedly, flied on fishing. 16 people are reported missing. To the place of state of emergency in the remote district there arrived rescuers and divers, criminalists of central office of SKR go, the representative of department Vladimir Markin reported.

The plane crash occurred in the Tersky area near East Munozero’s settlement. The helicopter was gone still the night before: it took off from Murmansk in the direction of the settlement of Kanozero around 21:00 Moscow time on Saturday. "Initially on its board there were nine people, including five crew members. On a route it made landing on a platform "Heel" where took aboard some more people, however a terminal point of appointment did not reach. According to the source version "Interfax", the helicopter fell to the lake, and two survived fishermen thanks to that they were adhered to staying afloat chairs caught.

Main versions of accident two: error of crew or bad weather conditions.

Onboard the helicopter which has fallen in Murmansk region, according to all available data from the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the regional government, there were 18 people, including 5 crew members. By the helicopter, according to preliminary data, there was a deputy governor of Murmansk region Sergey Skomorokhov, the regional minister natural resources Alexey Smirnov, other officials, and also the general director of the Apatit company Alexey Grigoriev.

The helicopter broke in the remote area, the rescuers who have arrived into place on Sunday morning confirmed that on Munozer’s surface fragments float.

To a helicopter crash site there arrived group of 96 rescuers and 18 units of equipment, and also investigation operative team of police, the representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations on air of TV channel "Russia 1" reported.