In the USA the crew of the helicopter which has broken in Texas

In the USA the crew of the helicopter which has broken in Texas

Pilots made planned training flight

Four persons became victims of crash of the military helicopter in the American state of Texas. Representatives of armed forces of the USA reported about it.

The UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter broke around 17.49 on Monday local time (02.49 Tuesdays Moscow time) on military base of Fort-Hud. All victims – crew members.

At the moment of failure pilots carried out planned training flight.

Now the consequence finds out the crash reasons. Rescuers work at a place of the tragedy. The Pentagon declared, what not will report names of victims till 24 o’clock after the close relatives can to be notified.

Also today in Pakistan in the Province of Punjab during doctrines the country fighter F-17 Air Force broke. The female pilot was lost. Except it onboard there was a pilot-trainee. According to some information, it managed to catapult, the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda – Rostov-on-Don" reports.

And in Syria the Russian military plane broke also. It became clear later that the aircraft brought down the fighter Air Force of Turkey.

Julia Diveev

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