Time resolved PIV

Time resolved PIV technology is currently available, which obtains 4000 images per second, adding the dimension time to the measures of a fluid – dynamic field. With CTA, LDA and L2F techniques, the behavior in time of speed at a single point could be obtained. The study of the structures present in the stream was delegated to the methods of visualization. The missing element was the combination of spatial information derived from the PIV with the simultaneous history of each point. The next step is time resolved PIV, providing a more thorough examination of the fluid dynamic phenomena and the correlation time-space. The results (Figure 4.37) are similar to those obtained by computational fluid dyna­mics using large eddy simulation.

Подпись: Figure 4.37 20 40 60 80 X mm Source: [6]

Succession of images of velocity and vorticity fields obtained in real time

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