PAK FA and The night hunter will test in 2014-2015

PAK FA and The night hunter will test in 2014-2015

The latest fighters T-50 (PAK FA) and the upgraded Mi-28HM helicopter («The night hunter») will pass complex state tests in 2014-15, reported on Wednesday the official representative of the Air Force of Russia colonel Igor Klimov.

By plans of the Air Force of Russia, serial deliveries of the fighter of the fifth generation T-50 will begin in 2016.

«In 2013 in the State flight-test center in Akhtubinska carried out more than 90 tests, among them the most important: planes Su-35/35C, Yak-130, Su-30СМ, Su-25СМ2, MIG-29K/CUBE for India, Su-27CM. Helicopters Mi-35M, Ka-52, Mi-35, Mi-28Н, parachute systems also were tested. The program of tests is successfully executed», – Klimov which words are given by RIA Novosti news agency.В 2014-2015 told tests of planes T-50, MiG-29К for the Navy of Russia, MiG-35, Il-112, Tu-142МРМ and Il-22М, according to him, are planned. Among test helicopters in the next two years will pass Ka-60 and Mi-28HM.

In GLITs pass tests all planes and helicopters, including the aviation equipment, communication systems and the managements being on arms of Armed forces of Russia.

«Since 2007 the steady tendency of annual increase was outlined in GLITs of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation on the average for 10 % of number of carried-out tests. Now in the Center improvement of experimental test base and training for the successful solution of problems of test of new aviation equipment» is carried out, – Klimov added.