Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic: the bases for cancellation of flights to Egypt are not present

Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic: the bases for cancellation of flights to Egypt are not present

The Czech Republic has no information of intelligence services which could become the basis for the termination of aviaflights to Egypt, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic Milan Hovanets in connection with failure of the Russian plane on the Sinai Peninsula declared on Thursday.

«I believe that Egypt will try to find out quickly the reasons of this incident, carefully to disassemble all its details and together with the Russian experts to come to a conclusion about the reasons explosion», – gives RIA Novosti news agency Hovants’s statement.

«While Russians fly (to Egypt), and at us no, the reasons not to fly», – were added by Hovanets.

In turn, the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs upheld the recommendation existing still for the Czech citizens to observe the increased care in the territory of Egypt. As a whole the dipvedomstvo believes a situation in this country rather stable except for the North of the Sinai Peninsula and the region adjacent to the western border with Libya.

Thus the Czech air carriers do not carry out direct flights in the Sharm-esh-Sheykh. Nevertheless, by data the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, is now in this area some tens citizens of the republic.

Earlier Britain decided to suspend flights from the Sharm-esh-Sheykha, the authorities of the country declare that the bomb became the reason of crash of the Russian airliner over Sinai, most likely.

The Russian authorities urge not to do hasty conclusions about the causes of accident before completion of investigation.

The Airbus-321 plane of the Kogalymavia company which has taken off early in the morning on Saturday from the Sharm-esh-Sheykha for St. Petersburg, broke over the Sinai Peninsula. Onboard there were 217 passengers and seven crew members. All of them were lost.

According to some information, destruction of the plane occurred in air. In the Russian transport departments call act of terrorism improbable. Explosive traces on fragments of the plane it is not revealed. The source in the Center of a forensic medical examination declared that preliminary survey did not reveal mine and explosive traces on bodies of victims of crash.

The official representative of the government of Egypt Husam al-Kavish declared that the technical malfunction, most likely, led to accident А321.