Plane crash: to all victims rendered medical aid on a place

Plane crash: to all victims rendered medical aid on a place

As a result of a crash of helicopter in the Moskva River suffered, according to the different data, four or five people, assisted all of them on a place. The aircraft sank.

"Rescued after a crash of helicopter the help is rendered to all on a place, nobody is hospitalized. Spill of fuel is not present", – told a source of TASS in a capital central board of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. According to department, onboard the helicopter of the Robinson brand there were four persons, including the child.

Meanwhile LifeNews reports about five victims, all of them were in the rotary-wing car.

Upon the incident which has occurred around a bay of Picturesque around Myakinino, inspectors inspect. The helicopter fell in 30 meters from the coast, approve sources in law enforcement agencies.

According to LifeNews, Robinson belonged to a family living in Myakinino. As victims told, reports TV channel, at approach to the house the helicopter started to lose turns. The pilot decided to land on water about the coast, but when landing the car was filled up sideways.

The TV channel specifies that relatives of the businessman, the owner of group of companies "Two captains" of Evgeny Trostyanetskogo became participants of incident. In the territory of their cottage in Myakinino there is a helipad which is not registered anywhere, specifies LifeNews.

On August 8 on the Istrinsky reservoir in Moscow областистолкнулись the seaplane and the Robinson helicopter, were lost nine people. One more incident occurred to participation of Robinson on August 21 nearby to Naro Fominsk in Moscow area – there the helicopter fell because of a strong wind. Did without victims.