The broken Ukrainian of Su-25 was entangled in the wires

The broken Ukrainian of Su-25 was entangled in the wires

The military prosecutor’s office of Ukraine established the reason of crash of the Su-25 plane which on Wednesday broke near Zaporozhye. According to head of department Anatoly Matiosa, the fighting vehicle, most likely, got confused in a power line.

«Carrying out training flight at ultralow height, the plane faced a high-voltage power line therefore fell in the district of the village of Ternovk of the Volnyansky region of the Zaporozhye area, nearby to the automobile route Kharkov – Simferopol», – he writes to Facebook.

Матиос added that the plane was fully completed by ammunition. the 23-year-old pilot died on the spot. The military prosecutor presented condolences to a family of the victim.

As specify the Ukrainian mass media referring to head of SNBO Alexander Turchinov, the plane will execute fighting, instead of an educational task. According to him, the attack plane took off from the Dnepropetrovsk airfield.

«I had conversation with the chief of the General Staff, the plane carried out a fighting task in the morning. It took off from the Dnepropetrovsk airfield and now MO and the General Staff urgently to a place where the plane fell, sent the commission which will define the reasons why the plane and the pilot who directed it» was lost, – Turchinov explained.

Earlier it was reported that Su-25 broke in 40 km from Zaporozhye. Victims and destructions on the earth it did not appear. The General Staff of Ukraine soon declared that the plane was completely serviceable, and the pilot – is competent. Now the group of experts works at a scene. Inspectors should study the district completely to restore a tragedy picture.