Alouette II/Lama

• World’s first production turbine helicopter • Worldwide success

Подпись: ▲ Despite their age. the Alouette It and Lama soldier on. While Alouotto production ceased in 1975, the Lama was built in France until 1991 and continues to be produced in India. Alouette II/Lama

Design work on the now famous Alouette (Lark) aircraft began in 1947. Originally designated SE 3120 and powered by a piston engine, it was the installation of a turboshaft engine which produced the world-beating Alouette II.

As the first turboshaft-engined helicopter to enter production anywhere in the world, it was soon in great demand internationally. The series has gone on to be France’s most successful helicopter.

Civil success story ►

Although conceived as a military helicopter, the Alouette II and Lama found a large numbers of civilian customers worldwide.


Alouette II/Lama

Подпись:Alouette II/Lama

A Strong, lightweight construction

An exposed taitboom structure was typical of helicopters of the 1940s and 19SOs. This is a Belgian military SE 313B.

Training with the Heeresflieger^

Germany took delivery of 247 Alouettes. beginning in 1959. After more than 30 years of service, tho army continues to operate about 60 in tho training role.

A Blue Bees’

Belgium’s ‘Blue Bees’ display loam was famously equipped with Alouotto lls.


► On 21 Juno 1972 a Lama, with Just a pilot on board, sot an absolute height record for helicopters of 12442 m (40,800 ft).

► Hindustan Aeronautics in India still produce the Lama; it Is known ns tho Chootnh.

► The Alouette II was the first foreign helicopter to gain certification in tho US.

► Licences to produce tho Alouette II were granted to Saab in Swoden and Republic in tho US: few were built, however.

► Alouotto lls and Lamas have served with more than 120 users In nearly 50 countries.

► In Brazil, Helibras assembled Lamas, as tho Gaviao. using French components.

Aerospatiale Alouette II/Lama


SE 313B Alouette II

Type: light genorol-puipose helicopter

Powerplant: one 395-kW (530-hp.| TurbomOca Artouste II C6 turboshaft derated lo 269 kV/ |360 hp.)

Maximum speed: 185 tun/h p is m. p.’v) at maximum take-oh weight at sea level

Endurance: ■! hours 6 min with maximum luei at sea level

Range: 665 km (350 mi i with maximum fuel at sea level

Service ceiling: 2150 m (7.050 It)

Weights: empty 895 kg (1.970 lb.); maximum take-off weight 1600 kg |3.520 lb.)


mam rotor diameter 10.20 m (33 ft. 6 in.) tusetogp length 9.70 m (31 П. 10 «.)

height 2.75 m (9 П)

rotor disc area 81.70 m: 1879 sq ft)


Alouette II/Lama

Above: In the military rofo. Alouette Its can be fitted with a variety ol rockets, missiles and guns. This machine carries SS. 11 anti-tank missiles.

produced in India, where the type is ideal for air force operations in the Himalayas


Alouette II/Lama





Listed rotes V/ ІГю wrauifct Alourilto torrWy inourto Dying стіv*‘. ktsort. observation. Uarwtg. ugricUturol work, pbotograptre жлоу and птЬиілпа» Ninth two iJrmchers)


Alouette II/Lama

Thn hug iyc*J glazed caon, Which ofwa іvi excefert »’i round vtow, souls up to fce – a pict and


Poweroa in its ongavti SE 3120 form by a 149-KW £2CO hp.) Salmxon rixiwl poton engine, a redesign fiubsatutod the 269 kW 060 hui Ailouste tuboehafl. In tli* form the оіго. іП wan known as the S£ 313Q Лоисдіе II. which «теплі cnWuchon os the SE 313B Tho AsUttou ИА-enqnod St 316C boasted



II» Atouette n*l a good tong» pwlcnmnc* worn» 50 km 05 IMn me Scout and 150 4m ЙЙ mrt»l bell»# tn»i №e JclRarxje, The Attuelt* enjoyad юте tote* success n tbe US


1 A1#»

Я J130 U.0UETTE О 565 кя (350 ml.)




412 кв (255 ml.)



AlOuotWi II Iron n Lima is by SooMng at me to* rotor, I no tom tor uses a two – «adod rotor and tho tailor three blades


,tnd Lama, with retractabe wheels «x ground manoeuvmg and Ugh srods, wheels or pneumote Ooatf M OP&cns A 120-kg (2&5-»i) hoist ccwtd also w lilted


Alouette II/Lama

510 km (Jt5 mi.)


The Scouts sc’MCo cetlrg was <0CO m (13.400 Я j. aOOng to it» venoMity m mlrtar, folm ГГ» Alouette tap?*! behmo m this respoct. although ПЮИІ sliod – contingn wwo «miM *n tho Ілггш. wlsch had » COnWltuWr mem power! ul on^ne tor improrexJ cotMtitty at altitude and M not weather,




Alouette (Is and Lamas worldwide


(10,500 ft.)


Alouette II/Lama

■ UNITED KINGDOM: The Army Air Corps ordcrod 17 Alouette lls. which saw service In such d. verso locations ns South America, Afncn and the West Indies. All have boon retired.


■ FRANCE: Largo numbers ol Alouette Its wore ordered for tho Froocri armed forces and police. Around 80 remain in army service, as well as a handful with the Amteo do Г Air.





32CUm П.


Alouette II/LamaAlouette II/LamaAlouette II/LamaAlouette II/Lama


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