Sikorsky’s strong lifter



Type: twin-engine cargo hebcopto»

Powerplant: two 2127-kW (2.852-hp.) General Electric T64-GE-3. -6. -68. or -12 turboshatts driving a six-bladed man rotor

Maximum speed: 305 krtvh (189 m. p.h.) at sea level

Range: 370 km |540 ml)

Weights: – mpty 10690 kg (23,567 lb.); loadod 18370 kg (40.500 lb.)

Accommodation: -35 troops. 24 stretchers and four attendants, or 3629 kg 18.000 to.) of cargo loadod through fuB section rear ramp’doots; US Air Force rescue versions carry up to three 7,62-mm Mniguns


main rotor diameter longth height

rotor disc area


An «wtcnsM* «иопісж ІЛ mctuctas toman – Mowing rariv ana tawartl-кхЛяд infra-rod «tnaora.


The I IS Marine Corps had ІЧ. ЧМ1 strong believers in the value of the helicopter since Korea, and during the Vietnam War it was the Marines who were the inspiration for the largest and most powerful helicopter in the world outside the Soviet Union From tlreir earliest battles in 1965 they counted on the Іюх – diaped, heav>’lift S-6S to haul ammunition, troops ami supplies from logistics bases right out to the battle area To the Marines who use air power as an adjunct to ground forces. rliL – 5-65 provided a new


standard of speed and mobility in battle

The СН-53Л was the only version ol’ the Sikorsky S-65 for smiK* time after the lust flight on II October 196-t. In time, however, others saw the value of the powerful machine I S Navy Mil – and Kll-53* were used to sweep mines at sea, the US Air Force’s HU-53 Super Jolly’ is a dedicated combat rescue machine Other important operators iru linie Xustria. Germany and Israel The Marines’ ‘ultimate’ twin-


22.02 m (72 tt. 3 m.) 20.47 m (67 ft. 2 in.) 7 6 m (24 tt 11 in.) 37&1 m’ (4,070sq ft.)






D-0 ho*copter* can be fitted with rotor btade* nod powertu •ngnet and land to ®a Ustor Van thee vnoDer brethren The CH-53 a no exception Even whan carrying a heavy load, it і етап» one of the fntnl heicopteri m the world.

  Sikorsky’s strong lifter



M5 Ln. ti |Шв. р.*.|


MI-76 ЛШГ 731 tanh |IB m p Й |

Ы J?1 SU7fH FRflOM ^

  Sikorsky’s strong lifter

Special operations MH-S3s have mounts for heavy machme-gum о» шиї)-barret Minguns m the stda doors and on the rear ramp.


the! Ш bumper 6 My retractable and ttw tota-biadod tat rotor is -•gritty canted to port


S-65s in service

J MARINE ASSAULT: The CH-53 was designed pnmanfy for Unitod Stares Marino Corps, winch uses the type as its rr/mary hoavylirt assault hofecoptcr. Currant versions can carry 9-tonne payload


Sikorsky’s strong lifterSikorsky’s strong lifterSikorsky’s strong lifter


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