Combat rescue, Navy style


II ІІН* official terms used lor American helicopters, an II prefix tells u> that the uirvrafi has a rescue mission. Tile I S Navy’s III 14)011 and the Coast Guard.’ almost iclt-niu. il IIH-oql fulfil the осччі lot a dedicated tescue helicopter. Developed from the famous І 11-4×0 ftl. u k I lawk. ihe naval variants – officially known as Seahawks – feature mote powerful engines and specialist equipment.

I Ill-fab can operate Irom
land, aircraft carriers and smaller

HH-60H Seahawk

For combat eporetens. the HH-6CH can be armed wito twn 7.82-mm і ЛО-сл l machnn guns mounted on posts m the man cabin

Above: HH-60JS have somewhat larger sponson tanks because of their greater endurance requirements.

defensive armament of the naval machines, but do liave a IJendix Ktnjt searvli radar. Thev are often deployed on druj; traffic interdiction flight’ over tile Baltamas.

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Below: Purchased to ropiaco ageing HH-3F Pelicans, the Jayhawks offered greater range, but the targe cabin of the old helicopter >s sorely missed.

Uko the mar rotor, the tail rotor <sfour booed and пссгрогавеэ tflnrvum Matte. For stowage*! tqw Corttoos aboard вПр. the Ш uvt can bo hinged to pot nnd tne t»ib can evvri bo canted 20 doanm і* roounxl Л long soon, My moveable Іліріагн» Ik Mtod tor gmatc* ваЫВу end control

Other fuatixwi i/uquu to Ihe nrrrnl и 60 ribude u hovering ct-fight retoeftng cepabMy. emergency •oataton gear and WMrafv* use Ы ami cocoepn тягепм* «зг «utwxtoci use. in в sail-water яелоптвої

HH-60H Seahawk

Type: strike пвэсое/covert operator* helicopter

Powerplant: ‘.wo 1417-kW (1,900-hp i General Electric T700-GE-401C turooshafts

Minimum speed: 296 km/h (184 m. p h.)

Initial climb rate: 213 mtam (700 f, p.m i Combat radius: 463 km (287 mi i

1636 m (S3 ft 8e| 3.35 m (10 ft. 11 in.) 15.26 m (50 tL 1 in.) 3.63 m (11 ft. 10 in.) 210.05 m‘ (2.260 sq. ft.) 8.83 m’ <95 sq ft)



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Combat rescue, Navy style