G. S. Dulikravich

The Pennsylvania Stale University, University Park, PA. USA

13.1 Introduction

During the design of high speed flight vehicles the designer should take into account the aerody­namic heating due to surface friction and the high temperature air behind the strong shock, waves The allowable exterior surface temperatures arc limited by the material properties of the skin ma­teria) of the flight vehicle. In addition, the amount of heat that penetrates the skin structure should be minimized since it will have to be absorbed by the fuel and not allowed to enter the passenger cabin. A typical remedy is to cool the structure by pumping a cooling fluid (typically the fuel) through numerous passages manufactured inside the outer structure of the flight vehicle. A de­sign optimization method should therefore provide the designer with a tool to guide the develop­ment of innovative designs of internally cooled, thermally coated or non-coated structures that will cost less to manufacture, have a longer life span, be easier to repair, and sustain higher sur­face temperatures

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