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S-76 Spirit

• Mulli-role helicopter • Army scout • Passenger transport

Подпись:Подпись: A With the worldwideS-76 SpiritOne of the family of highly successful Sikorsky rotorcraft of recent times, the S-76 is the first type since tho S-62 designed by the company purely for the civil market. The main customer area was seen to be the offshore oil support industry, with the S-76 offering 12 passenger seats in standard form with IFR equipment and other navigational aids for all-weather operation. Among the ‘optional extras* are long-range fuel tanks and air-conditioning.

◄ New York bird

S-76 SpiritThis HOh Union S-76C is powered by Turbomoca Arnol turboshafts. The S-76C first flow in 1990. and has also been sold to the Spanish air force.

A Screaming Eagle

Armod with rocket pods or guns, the S-76 was offered on the military market as tho ‘Eagle’. But it had to compoto with the successful Agusta A 109.

S-76 SpiritA Passenger comfort

Compared to the A 109 and Bell Model 222. the S-76 was a much roomier machine, and the executive version could carry eight people in luxury.

▼ Spirit in action

Подпись: A Sikorsky at sea Operating from oil platforms was an important source of business for the S-76. with companies like Bond Helicopters m Scotland. Sikorsky had already cornered much of the market with tho larger Sikorsky S-61 scries helicopter.

Known as the ‘Spirit’ fo civil operators, the S-76 soon demonstrated impressive performance compared to its smaller rivals.


► When configured for full day and night, nll-woathor offshore flying, tho S-76 generally carries up to 12 passengers.

>• Sikorsky sold 428 S-76s to customers in Canada. Mexico, the UK and the US.

► A harmonic control system tested on an S-76 reduced vibration by 90 per cent.


>■ The S-76 Shadow hod a noso radar housing and fly-by-wire controls grafted onto the front section.

>■ Tho S-76B is operated In China, Germany, Japan. Korea and tho Motherlands.

► The first S-76 prototypes flew In 1977 and deliveries began in 1979.

S-76 Spirit

S-76 Spirit

Type: modum-capacity he-:-copter

Powerplant: two Alison 250-C30 turboshah engines each rated at 484.7-kW (649-hp)

Maximum speed: 289 km/h (180 m о h 1 Normal cruising speed: 269 *nvh (167 m. p.h, j Range: 1100 Km (683 mi)

Service ceiling: 15S5 m (5.100 ft)

Weights: empty 2241 Kg (4.940 lb ), loaded 4-100 Kg <9.700 lb,), такігтжті tako-otf weight 5171 Kg (11.400 lb)

Dimensions: role# diameter 13.41 m (44 ft,)

length 16 m (52 ft. 6 in.)

height 4 41 m (14 ft. 5 In.)


record of one hour Iі» minutes at a speed of І~ІГs km h (l“i m p. b ) This bettered the prev ious record by sonic 26 minutes. On the return top. the Spirit clipjietl another four minutes off its ow n record Sikorsky s development programme’ їхнє further frail in 1985 when, on 2 I June, it flew the tirsi privately-funded S-76 Shadow This acronym stood for Sikorsky Helicopter dv. uucd Demonstrator of Operator Wuiklo. ul


Above; This ‘fantail’ variant was fitted with a fenestron-type tail rotor In trials for the Light Helicopter Experimental programme.


Lett: With the space to accommodate a high standard of luxury features, the S-76 offered the uttimato In executive transport with its low-noise interior and high speed.


S-76 Spirit

To inouco vnwaton. me S-7B nan ЫВпг vbrnton аілсгіх*» above tho rotcr hood.

The txvJos lotnte on eUutomarx: onanngs, with darrpmg provided by hydraulic drag diimonre


The to* «Мог s a conventnns fix/- btnetod typo mounted on the pod side


Power «5 transferred from tf«e engnes to the tail rotor and тло rotor through n gecrlxa. when also d-rves the twri r-r, o>nute pumpe and?<X)A DC generators T)«e engrai have on automatic fit*» dotoclnn and аижгазасп – плЕмг


S 76s are titled with a tXJh standard of cockpit controe. лап instrument fight niea cquomerrt «tod and opoons FRS. ir«J weather radar


A baggage hota я located aft ot tho cabin with an «Петы door on «och ame ot the lueovigo Thn tail rotor was recenfiguroe m she S-768 to toducu woght


Tho mam undercarriage retmefs imdo» hydrautc power nto the fusdogo to reduoe drag. The whon< brakes ага also hydrautaaffy poworod


Tre fuselage contans топу connote and txx^ccmu structural’ components to educe wegm


The mom cacm can accommodate 12 or 13 passengers ю or. economy-type Muting arrangement or can bo configured *» a •ouMwof %ing o«ce arrangement wth nddfional sounaproofng




S-76 Spirit
S-76 Spirit

■ RESCUE MISSION: Tho S-76 in used by

the Government Air Service *i Hong Kong as a search and rescue aircraft in the dangerous waters of the South China Sea.


Я SHADOW: A technology demonstrator for advanced cockpit instrumentation layout», tho Shadow paved the way for the advanced Boeuig-SAoreky LHX hetcopter


S-76 Spirit

S-76 SpiritS-76 SpiritS-76 SpiritS-76 SpiritS-76 SpiritS-76 Spirit


MH-60 Pave Hawk

• Covert operations • Combat search and rescue • Combat-proven

Подпись:MH-60 Pave HawkSikorsky’s familiar ‘Hawk’ series is the basis for the MH-60 Pave Hawk, the USAF’s spocial operations holicopter, intended to support secret missions bohind onemy lines. Equippod with advancod navigation equipment, defensive machine – guns and an in-flight refuelling probe, the MH – 60 is establishing a fine reputation on long – range covert operations. The aircraft is designed to be easily transportable for worldwide deployment.

▼ Hawk over water

MH-60 Pave HawkПодпись:MH-60 Pave HawkRescues at sea аго also possible with the MH-60G. although it lacks the amphibious capabilities ot the HH-3E it replacod.

MH-60 Pave Hawk

T Special forces insertion

It is often too hazardous for the MH-60G to land m a hostile drop zone, so troops use ladders or ropes to leavo tho aircraft.

A Defence suppression

With its door-mounted guns, tho MH-60G is able to keep enemy heads down in tho drop zone.

MH-60 Pave Hawk

MH-60 Pave Hawk

◄ MH-60K – enhanced army capability

The US Army has not suffered the budget constraints of the USAF and has been able to fit extra items, such as terrain-following radar.


>- Slightly more basic aircraft assigned solely to combat search-and-rescue (CSAR) duties are designated HH-60Gs.

► Up to four combat-roady MH-60Gs may be stowed In the hold of a C-5 Galaxy.

► MH-60 Pave Hawks saw combat in Operation Desert Storm.

► MH-60Gs carry a Bendix-King 1400C colour weather radar in a port-side nose •thimble’ radomo.

► Tho first MH-60GS were delivered to the 55th SOS in December 1987.

► HC-130 Combat Shadow aircraft support MH-60Gs on long-rango missions.

MH-60 Pave Hawk

I Some criticism has boon made of the lack of cabin space in the pfy’j MH-60, compared to the HH-3E. Mfl The new helicopter is fully air transportable, however.

To enhance survivofcxky at low torol moot mitary 3-70». mckutrig mo MH 60G. have sets of entokj-ts/ftom filtod above and ootow rtto tusotayi


USAI" sources .nv reluctant in reveal much jlx>ut how tin* Sikorsky MH-60G і» used basically, ihc MII-60G is. і ПІ-60А. ormon – powerful I IN»»II. helicopter, uuxiiiVtl with radar. defensive weapon», un iii-lltj*ht геїиеіііпн рп»ІЧ‘. «ЦіїIons for external fnel – unk pylons, and additional cabin hid tanks.

1*3vc Hawk helicopters arc c|44ted lo j>r> into tnmb. il deep Ivluml enemy lines. operating at urcat distances Irom home, in snp|x>ti of sjxvial force» troo|>s primary requirement of the I’ave Hawk ptoxrainme was that the aircraft should lx* rapidly air


tr;ms|x»n. ihle to any pan of the world at a moments notice.

This tapability w as proven in 1W9. when MH*60Gs were deployed to Ethiopia within І і hours of tile news of ГІК* loss of ConxieSsman Mickey belauds m an air crash

Supjxitted l»y warplanes such :i’ die A-10. the MH-60G is also expected I о insetl itself Into a hot /one to rescue downed pilots. Several rescue mission» were flown during the Gulf War and continuing upgrades will ensure that the MH-60 remains highly effective m the future


A – MN 60Gu ant ftlfod wOi MRSS (Hqviw Wra – Red S*«»oseo* Stiwyatem) This rectos» 1ho aronlfs. vuviorahAly to twit.-vyikog meaton.


A ijnjgnxivrio if» Currently underway to «quo tx> MH-60G with ал ЛЛ’ЛАСЗ 18 forward iookmg infra­red (FUR) turret, when wvi t* stloa m

the towix го» The ►♦4-60G Hoof wi not nxwvw the #y»ir*n


Because 4 tacks tenon fottowmg rada1 and some otr*?r advanced systems, the MH-G0G has to иэе – и ccfour weathe* radar to e«oa tne wors: conditions The я not dee tor а ьреоа forces arcrah






MH-60 Pave Hawk

Although * hat Ни SOW* thin Iho Other fwinopal US Special forces hMcoolor* №• Wll-flOG a much light»» Pion (nd that Я hm good roxwvos o( іти» «hch такії kwpng in touch »>lh Horen**» larticr» tar ooso» than w-fh иупо ото» rvHeoocw tvoon


SAorsky used a one росе torged titan um rotor head on 0s? S-70 In addition to the advanced feature, the Utarvum and ccrnposrlo true» ro! o» btodas con withstand ruts by 23-mm unvгхігШкхі


From the outset, tne S – 70 senes was devetooad tor maximum surwaWity.

The On moo « ииНкуа-П »o alow a oontro*cd craah binding fooowng toss of tfw fat rotor лі tow Altitude.


Both то МИ-4ГР and

MH UJ am large» machoe than vie MH-00G. Urt they are

no*, и» могу ix-pioyotir


r-s,-s iage attitude >s adjusted irsing the powerful etectncaly operated tauptane The surface is automate and moves between -3*t’ г the contrctea hove» and O’ during autorotation


Swe-af MH S3Js and MH-GOGs wore wtwto identification stroes eve» rapkAy ooptcu desert camouflage dunng the Gull Wm


In Hiker to Uw лоти! ttoor mcunCO лчирогл. n tf*e СШШ 7.6?-mm mngixw •he arerafi also has a 12 7-rmn nvichtno – gin mouniod *» the гЛхі


MH 4?t CHINOOK tOMI k« (72.Ю0 lb.)


and the ГОИОМЧІ Uweh oTtuipon поеммиу fho WH 47£ ha* Iho urn systems as Ній WH-OOH


in Ra mtractod statu, tho MH-60GS ‘utootng probe л вткаї tong enough to deer the rotor dec »n operation it extendi! ’.otoflcopcaKy to keep iho retooing nose ooor of the rotor.


MH-60 Pave Hawk

Pave Hawk in action


AIR-TO-AIR REFUELLING (AAR): US Forces pioneered helicopter AAR in order to extend the range ol CSAR heftcoptera Army and Air Force MH-60s regularly practise the technique


TERRAIN FOLLOWING RADAR (TFR): Currently unique to US A/ту MH-eOKs is the nose-mounted Texas Instalments’ AN/AFQ-174A TFR This allows much safer tow-level R. ghL


1399 bL|


MH-60 Pave Hawk

MH-60 Pave Hawk

MH-60 Pave Hawk


Combat rescue, Navy style


II ІІН* official terms used lor American helicopters, an II prefix tells u> that the uirvrafi has a rescue mission. Tile I S Navy’s III 14)011 and the Coast Guard.’ almost iclt-niu. il IIH-oql fulfil the осччі lot a dedicated tescue helicopter. Developed from the famous І 11-4×0 ftl. u k I lawk. ihe naval variants – officially known as Seahawks – feature mote powerful engines and specialist equipment.

I Ill-fab can operate Irom
land, aircraft carriers and smaller

HH-60H Seahawk

For combat eporetens. the HH-6CH can be armed wito twn 7.82-mm і ЛО-сл l machnn guns mounted on posts m the man cabin

Above: HH-60JS have somewhat larger sponson tanks because of their greater endurance requirements.

defensive armament of the naval machines, but do liave a IJendix Ktnjt searvli radar. Thev are often deployed on druj; traffic interdiction flight’ over tile Baltamas.

Proofing she Seanowk nvoush too ar * a tour-Wudod m*n mtor. Experience ga. ned doing toe Vietnam War mused « very strong ГЙапюп trades beog Itted which were oosignod to ftosert) Kts toil 23-mrn gfett The rotor head employe just m« eiastomenc oeenngs as opposed to 18 on many other aesgns resuTng о o’Bofer resablity and less manrenance tme.

Below: Purchased to ropiaco ageing HH-3F Pelicans, the Jayhawks offered greater range, but the targe cabin of the old helicopter >s sorely missed.

Uko the mar rotor, the tail rotor <sfour booed and пссгрогавеэ tflnrvum Matte. For stowage*! tqw Corttoos aboard вПр. the Ш uvt can bo hinged to pot nnd tne t»ib can evvri bo canted 20 doanm і* roounxl Л long soon, My moveable Іліріагн» Ik Mtod tor gmatc* ваЫВу end control

Other fuatixwi i/uquu to Ihe nrrrnl и 60 ribude u hovering ct-fight retoeftng cepabMy. emergency •oataton gear and WMrafv* use Ы ami cocoepn тягепм* «зг «utwxtoci use. in в sail-water яелоптвої

HH-60H Seahawk

Type: strike пвэсое/covert operator* helicopter

Powerplant: ‘.wo 1417-kW (1,900-hp i General Electric T700-GE-401C turooshafts

Minimum speed: 296 km/h (184 m. p h.)

Initial climb rate: 213 mtam (700 f, p.m i Combat radius: 463 km (287 mi i

1636 m (S3 ft 8e| 3.35 m (10 ft. 11 in.) 15.26 m (50 tL 1 in.) 3.63 m (11 ft. 10 in.) 210.05 m‘ (2.260 sq. ft.) 8.83 m’ <95 sq ft)



ЖктЪИМя. р.Н.)

NH 45* OOtCHia K7kB.1l |1M я ( h |



Combat rescue, Navy style


HH-60H Rescue Hawk

• Strike rescue • Gull War participants • US Coast Guard service

Подпись:HH-60H Rescue HawkBased upon the SH-60B Seahawk, the HH-60H is a specialised combat rescue variant. Entering service in 1990 it has proved highly effective, giving the US Navy a much-needed dedicated rescue helicopter. Two detachments from HCS-4 and -5 took part in Operations Desort Shield and Desert Storm, whore the HH-60s flow a total of more than 750 mission hours. The US Coast Guard also took delivery of a rescue Seahawk, known as the HH-60J.

▼ Air force rescue

HH-60H Rescue HawkLike the Navy, the US Air Force also operates a Feet of roscue variants based on the UH-60 Black Hawk. Those foaturo retractable refuelling probes.

▼ Close co-operation

Since 1991 Roscue Hawks have been deployed aboard comers, alongside SH-60F Ocean Hawks providing additional and useful rescue capability.

A Coast guard variants

HH-60H Rescue HawkI Besides the US Navy, the Coast Guard also operates a fleet of machines known as HH-60J Jayhawks. These have no armament.

◄ Unsung heroes

HH-60H Rescue HawkAlthough perhaps lacking tho glamour o1 their naval counterparts, tho Coast Guard Jayhawks have an important rote and are often used on anti-drug smuggling missions oft the south-eastern USA and around the Bahamas.


► During tho Gulf War tho two HH-60H detachments remained combat-ready 95 por cent оГ the time.

► Both the airframe and tho engines are shared with the SH-60F Ocoan Hawk.

► Surviving aircraft are being upgraded with defensive armament.

> First operational deployment of tho HH-60H took place In 1990. when HS-2 took the type aboard USS Nimitz.

> US Coast Guard HH-OOJs have grentor endurance than their Navy counterparts.

> Forward looking infra-red turrets have been fitted to the HH-OOs in recent yoars.

Подпись: vessels such as frigates and tit’s)r<и< <usi Guard iiii-foi Jayhaw ks are primarily land- based. hut arc* sometimes deployed aboard c utters Experience with helicopter rescues in Meinani confirmed the need for sturdier machines and the llit-60 features titanium naors capable of ahsorHng hits from larjte ami-aircraft shells. an<l Considerable protection Ibr lx»th tin? pilots and cabin personnel. Coast Guard aircraft lack the comprclicnsh e avionic's fit and Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:HH-60H Rescue HawkHH-60H Rescue Hawk
Подпись: Range: 966 Km (600 m )Подпись:Подпись:Подпись: Dimensions: mam rotor diomotor tail rotor diameter longth height mam rotor disc area tail rotor disc area HH-60H Rescue HawkПодпись: имеем RUCUt МАЯХПодпись: HiG.’W ТЫопкклЬг noc as tar '«aenng »■ the Snaking the rer-ед* hove ill» craved nn W.aWo tor Ong- rarg* reecue and birvedorxa «*ог», DurtculA'Iy w*9i lire US Coast Gum) The Ckxphin ha A rcasonjbte rxtiA tor ПА ъив Подпись:Подпись: І V |(z}alHH-60H Rescue Hawk

Подпись: PDWWWAhenr ГяННеОгааГу «сот 9» two T700-410C cnglnos punng out 2*34 kW авООкр). atuoetantw arrcLOt more m»n tnoeee/mi C*«docee«x Th* US Cool Guard hm Dbrn to re- ongr»toHH«e w>ih «von more perwertu engrea


• Special Operations • All weather • Coast Guard rescue

Подпись:HH-60The HH-60 is an angel of mercy. This helicopter flies from ships’ decks and shore bases to bring salvation to those in peril. In disaster and in war, the Navy’s HH-60H Rescue Hawk and the Coast Guard’s HH-60J Jayhawk can mean the difference between life and death. Not surprisingly. HH-60 rescue flying is one of the most difficult missions pilots can undertake. A secondary role is supporting operations by the Special Forces.

TExtended range

Подпись:HH-60The role of retrieving downed aircrew often involves flying long distances: tho HH-60 is lifted with a refuelling boom, allowing contact with an HC-130 tanker.

HH-60Credible Hawk ►

One of the first developmental models of the project, a UH-60A is seen here testing the refuelling boom. Further modifications improved the variant.

◄ Anywhere, anytime

The rescue role has made the HH-60 an extremely adaptable platform. Even when in service with the US Air Force, missions often take place over water.

Dust Off ►

A derivative of the HH-60 is the UH-60O. which is a specialised air ambulance version capable of accommodating nino strclchors and three medical attendants.


► USAF Pave Hawks Пу rescue missions worldwide, and were used over Iraq and Kuwait during the Gulf War.

>• Operations can be flown as low as 15 m (49 ft.) In all weathers.

>■ The helicopter can be fitted with skis to operate from snow-covorod terrain.

>■ During in-flight refuelling, the HC-130 tanker has to maintain an airspeed only 10 kt higher than its stalling speed.

>• Jayhawks are usod in drug interdiction missions by the Coast Guard.

► The first Jayhawk flow on 8 August 1990 from Stratford, Connecticut.

Подпись: Pave Hawk to the rescueHH-60Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:HH-60Подпись: 2.79 m (9 ft. 2 in.) 19.76 m (64 ft 10 in,) 5.18 m (17 ft.) 210.05 m [2261 sq ft.)HH-60

In the technical.1lpl1.1l4.-t of American helicopter designation*, an II prefix mean.* that ihe aircraft has.1 rescue mission The Navy s НН-Л)И and die Coast Guard s almost identical Init simpler HH-riOJ ал* to|wiutth medium – range ivscue craft Tliev were developed front the laniiKis 11-60 Black Hawk and have the same sprightly performance as that familial army helicopter The Rescue Hawk operates from ain, raft-carrier decks, while

thejayluwk dies primarily 1mm land bases (though it lias had modest success аіикпчі (.’oust Guard cutters), lather way. these line helicopters ate a challenge to (light crews When.1 a’seue is under way. the pilot must take oil immediately and put together a lligln plan under pressure while en mute The rescue swimmer ma lave in go into the water to pull out the people Ix’tng rescued In wartime this act of salvation nut he performed
under enemy fire. Fortunately. HH-60 helicopters an* durable and versatile, and have amassed.1 tine record of success

Despite the rescue role ol tin* helicopier, they are often armed with cloor-nxxmted Miniguns Front-line units Hying the helicopter are based as tar afield as Iceland and Japan, providing rescue cover for all the I * armed services.

Lett: Devoid of external tanks and refuelling boom, this early UH-60A is seen in flight prior to conversion to HH-60 standard.

Below: Based m Alaska, those HH-60Gs support rescue operations tor NATO aircraft flying In the area.




Expected to оое-аїв anyWhere, the ничЗОз have todabk! rotors that atow rapd ao transportation msxte currem US mdtary transports The nxiys also incorporate de-eng. whc. h means that Ihn arcraft can operate in aV efrnotos with no reduction m tight portormanco


To daflect heat Gtwfcng mtssk» away from the exhaust, provision a nvido to attach HlRSS exhaust sunprussors Tr»v fcvnovo the «ifni-trvi sagnatum from tho ongme. пкглтд lor *nprcvod outvk/nMty Tint engnos, v<t also uprated fo meet tho domandng oprva&on. v (oqurements.


HH-60G Pave Hawk


Providing the rescue element tor the USAF. Pave
Hawks give downed aircrew the chance of rescue
from behind enemy lines. They also extend the reach
of the Special Forces on covert operations.


The tngh-ritk muNtona mat the HH-60 m «кроема to undoruka mam treat oofcmfvfi systems ост» cnan ft»n йчропппгг. an-з raov warning rocorvora located m various parts ot the aehjme


a wa* aqupped cockpit о instated n the Rescue Hawk. Tho ptats arc aaoted mda by ok шепоті crow 00 crrfmntryi



Подпись: The raGePng prcoe exierx» nearV to ttie pont 0* clearing the rotor disc. The tanker oroaft are variants ot the С-130 eaupped with wng- mounted drogues that traa belvnd the aircraft

Подпись: US rescue helicopters
Подпись: ■ HH-53C: Tasked with rescuing downed aircrew in Vietnam. H MH-53E: Developed for the US Navy, the Sea Dragon is H HH-3& The firr.t of th-- long-range rescue hoecopters, the the 'Super Jolly Green Giant's range was improved by 3dding a designed for long-range mant*mn missions. The addition of largo HH-3E pioneered rescue missions m Vietnam and was used to refuelling probe to undertake operators in North Vietnam. fuel tanks on tho fusoiagn is supplemented by a refuelling boom devolop tho routine procedure of IFR for helicopters. L

Подпись:HH-60Подпись:Подпись:Подпись: 23вІт1і(МЗ li.p.h.)

The caon area nas room to» stretcher cases and tne* attendants, or n rescue team of four who ratntwe the mjwnod aircrew it they ate unoMl to roach the neucooter thnmttNus through injury.

Most hh 60s nave been mooted ftom base UH-60s Improvements nare made tne neteojxer ft» super*» to standard Army mode’s, if bang iibe to operate m a8 weathers

Oie of the ивэдс sbooteatens for lt*i HH-60 was ftvii it ootid bo dopoynd ijucWy 10 op<V! itKir. ii theoftos its foMng «nbLilom and rotors hep it fit rvwv insrt»e«i«ng transport ЦЯ0.1П



SH-60B/F Seahawk

• Anti-submarine warfare • Air-sea rescue • Helicopter delivery

America’s navy would not be able to function without the SH-60 Seahawk. the versatile Sikorsky helicopter which flies from frigates, destroyers and aircraft-carriers. The Seahawk has to operate at night, in heavy seas, from the deck of a ship swaying and pitching and bombarded by salt water. When airborne it must fulfil its assigned role, searching for hostile submarines and surface vessels that may pose a threat to the battle fleet.

SH-60B/F SeahawkThe mainstay of the US Navy ►

The first SH-60B flew m 1983. with its initial shipboard deployment taking placo in 1985. The first SH-60Fs wore dekvered ю 1989.

A MAO bird

The red and yellow ‘MAD bird’, or towed Magnetic Anomaly Detector, helps to locato submannes by measunng changes in the earth’s magnetic field.

A Spanish Armada

Tho Spanish navy has operated SH-60Bs under the designation HS.23 smeo 1988. Twelvo are based at Rota and regularly deploy aboard ‘Santa Maria’-class guided missile frigates. They differ from US Navy SH-60Bs in having a dipping sonar.

A Frigate based

Some of the US Navy’s FFG-7 ‘Oliver Hazard Perry’-class guided missile frigates operate with one SH-60B.

Australian Hawks ►

Exported examples of the Seahawk use Sikorsky’s S-70 model designation. In tho foreground is an RAAF S-70A-9 Black Hawk: behind is a naval S-70B-2.


► Taiwan operates the S-70C(M)-1. equipped with new radar and torpedoes, from ‘Kwang Hua Г-class frigates.

► During the Gulf War two downed pilots were rescued by US Navy SH-60s.

► Door-mounted machine-gun armament is often carried by US Navy SH/HH-60s.

► A third version operated by tho US Navy is tho HH-60H (unofficially callod ‘Rescue Hawk’) for the rescue of downed aircrew.

► The US Coast Guard flies tho HH-60J Jayhawk In the search-and-rescue role.

► Tho only US Marino Corps H-60s are nine VH-60N ‘Presidential Hawks’ for VIPs.

Подпись: Ocean-going sub-hunter

Подпись:Подпись: ACTION DATAПодпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:SH-60B/F SeahawkПодпись:Подпись:SH-60B/F Seahawk

Подпись: Submarine hunting in the Seahawk * —v . v __

Подпись: SH-60B Seahawk Type: ship-baaed anti-submarine helicopter Povrerplant: two 1260-kW (1690-tvp.) Genera! Elect/x: T700-GE-J01 Of 1417-kW (1900-hp.) -401C turboshaft епдлез Maximum speed: ?34 at kmto (145 rrtpii l at 1525 m (5003 ft.) Rango: 966 km (600 ml.) Operational radius: 92.5 km (57 mi.) with a 3 hour torter 278 km (173 ml.) with a 1-hour loiter Weights: empty 6191 kg (13.650 to); maximum take-oh 9182 kg (20.243 lb.) Armament: two Mk 46 ot 50 torpedoes or one AGM-119B Penguin anti-ship missile; one door- mounted 12.7-mm mach/ie-gun Dimensions: main rotor diameter 16.36 m (53 It. 8 In,) length rotors turning 19.76 m (6-ї tl 9 in,) height 5.18 m (17 1l.) mam rotor disc area 210.05 m- (2.261 sq. ft.)

Wall ilic proven

airframe of the I ‘$ Amty’s Шнек Hawk, lilt* SH-fjOB Scaluwk serves. is the backlxmc of roury aviation ilxxird the US Navy’s surface ve. sscls, The SH-60F (unofficially named ‘Ocean I I. ivk‘> fulfils a Minilar role on aircraft-carrier decks.

Пн* SH-боК operating fn>ni a Innate or destroyer and live*

SI 160F flying from a carrier

Tito – AJ’ marking

u tool o< tho Cornu»

А.» Group aboard ton ‘?Stod(Ve Поошил and -. іггнsi by ail nrcratt on tnn earner

Індії have a crew ol three: pilot, airixime tactical оПВсст/ОО-pilot and sensor operator. These are prinurily anii-submarine helicopters and their search fix >ulxm lines is aided by the [xireni vessel’s СОП1ІХІІ information centre. Пк – Rnal Ііхдііоп ol the submarine and its subsequent .mack, however, are the responsibility of the SI I-<a0H і rew.

While the SH-tiOB is an over the-horixon wcajvon system, the SH-60F, obtained to replace the elderly Sikorsky SI 1-311 Sea King |X*iforms the Navy’s *innei

/one’ ASW mission lor the carrier Battle Group, called CV-Helo’ I lie Sll-OOF also tills air-sea rescue ‘plane guard and utility transport roles.



217 fcstl) |IS6 m. p.R I


• nr

• и Аьпе ot pas-wo sonebuoys.

1 released from the holicoptor. provides an approximate location ol the submarine.

Q Tho SH-60’з AN/ASQ-81 / A magnetic anomaly dotoctor is toon used to give the precise location.

О Once located, the Seahawk О aunches a Mk 46 homing torpedo, which uses sonar to tmd its target.

SHIP CONTACT: It the captain of a destroyer tonka " • sonat has acqixed a possible contact, ho will mch tho SH-60 to investigate Tho helicopter‘s i>»ta is sent back to the ship for processing.


SH 60П SIMM! O* ke.1l-‘

lUSe. B.h. l


240 »i»A (155 a. p.h.)


SH-60B/F Seahawk


UH-60 Black Hawk

• Tactical assault helicopter • Gulf War transporter

Подпись:UH-60 Black HawkSikorsky’s UH-60 Black Hawk is one of the most important combat helicopters in service today. Replacing the famous Bell Huey as the US Army’s workhorse, the UH-60 was designed to haul a squad of 11 fully-equipped infantrymen into battle. The same basic airframe has also boon developed for special forces, combat roscue. air-sea rescue and anti­submarine operations.

Подпись:Подпись:UH-60 Black Hawk

UH-60 Black Hawk

Troops OUt^

Tho UH-60’s doors аго designed to allow an infantry squad to get into action in tho minimum possible time.

▼ Weight lifter

Although designed as a troop carrier, the UH-60 can also carry a significant cargo load both internally and slung on hooks externally.

A Air assault

One of the conditions for the bulk of tho equipment supplied to the Air Assault divisions of tho US Army is that it should be Black Hawk – portable.


► The original UH-60A prototype first flew on 17 October 1974.

► Black Hawks entered service with the 101st Airborno Division in 1979.

>- Though the US Marine Corps has not adopted tho UH-60. they fly nine VH-60N presidential transport helicopters.

► Black Hawks moved more than a million soldiers during the Gulf War.

► In a tragic ‘friendly fire’ mishap, F-15 fighters shot down two US Army UH-60s In Iraq on 14 April 1994, killing 26.

>• The Army is developing a UH-60Q medical evacuation modol of tho Black Hawk.



r ^ …


UH-60 Black Hawk
UH-60 Black Hawk

As a precauton agamsl battle damage. Шо UH-604 епдігс» arc <w vvdefy spared ns рсмЬо


Powerplant: two 1261 – kW (i,690-hp) General Electric T70D-GE-700. -701 or -401 turboshahs


Maximum speed: 296 km/h (184 m p. h.)


Range: 600 km (370 mi.)


Weights: (Army UH-бОі empty 4819 kg (10.600 lb.); loaded 9185 kg (20.200 lb.) (Navy SH-60) empty 6191 kg (13.620 ID.); loaded 9926 kg (21.837 lb.)


The UH-60 was ■ designed with all the years ot experience of battle In Vietnam in mind. The low profilo ot the airframe makes it a difficult target, and safer if it crashes.


Armament: usually two 7.6?-mm door guns


Dimensions: rotor d-ameto» 16.36 m (54 n I length 19.76 m (65 ft I

height 5.13 m (17 ft,)

rotor t!-sc area 210. W m (2.261 sq. ft)


Til* UH в» rotor system kMUm swept ТЮЗ. дмпд cnr.-incoU performance and nfowng heavy loans to be Jltoti m’hoi ana hyjh conditions




UH-60 Black Hawk
UH-60 Black Hawk
UH-60 Black Hawk

Thn Mi-84 QtfM* Vie anil tuot-сагтулд сор»Гу gh* л от аолтло*» ovor me Black К»* wfwrt оречвпд on internal ІмХ ОгГу But IПи UH-60 can bo titled with Hub wtngt. onto wtucll cai M moontnd woaponry or external fuel tank* With tocr Unla lilted, trie e*<ient &fcor*ky іілісорі** hM a lorry range ot more than 2COO Km (12Л0 ml.)


The Qttck Hawk has on «fllKtft swwbw/1 system vtfifch dissipates hoi ongino gone» This makes Jho heftOOpto k»S o’ a lorgei <0 •чай-eeekrg nvomd тйзлл;


The trnhspntgtit u>"0i3 in the поит un «seontel ter •iitu lending и confined




Trie ftack Hawk*

ГКЛілИііІ ичргал *nc гіоеові

aomdynarro: ciots –

vecten maMt it C’* ol the bntnu

ППСВДІСГ» aroonii UH-ЬОА *"Vh

It 10 О – -.-Ч: ■ • BUCK turn l1Wm, p.M

merit of lit ilvall anil tNa. oOod to rt* groat одну. make* rt alocvb piadorm tor mooneng

noKopttr aiiiinltn.


Skorsxy •> designer» піомолеіу Dun the lait rotor at on tmgks This design feature meets out ІЛ « generated nt the tai, atoning l«avw «ids at the i&vot the cabin man wout) otherwse be pcss**»


Ailnoogh trio Bto< l lawk con сагту. einament it i= essentially n lrocp carter I» совет and hatches ага designed to atow a г.;ц->с ot nlantry to 9trt rao action tot.


n an. isiui. Ji landing, tne UH-ЄО comes m taa Its ineteteartege s desyned to absorb лиев1 mcacts of to to AS iwh (28 m. p.ti.;


UH-60 Black Hawk
UH-60 Black Hawk

15 treopt at ар to 3MOk|(7,WO lb.) ot ЄЯІ90





BUCK HAWK J700»5t*.I«lb.) ot csrpo


A«n«xgh ttw UH-60 в потяшРу on 11 и. ля it can cany up Ю 20 ІГООР4 л *n eirxrgercy the Висл Hawk has «nou^O pcm*f to ktl tin» muno Und ot київ at И» txggsr Put»<*n оічз Єигерооп f/.yite yot rotaino tho atjAty ol * much vnnlef mactvne


UH-60 Black HawkUH-60 Black Hawk


Sikorsky’s strong lifter



Type: twin-engine cargo hebcopto»

Powerplant: two 2127-kW (2.852-hp.) General Electric T64-GE-3. -6. -68. or -12 turboshatts driving a six-bladed man rotor

Maximum speed: 305 krtvh (189 m. p.h.) at sea level

Range: 370 km |540 ml)

Weights: – mpty 10690 kg (23,567 lb.); loadod 18370 kg (40.500 lb.)

Accommodation: -35 troops. 24 stretchers and four attendants, or 3629 kg 18.000 to.) of cargo loadod through fuB section rear ramp’doots; US Air Force rescue versions carry up to three 7,62-mm Mniguns


main rotor diameter longth height

rotor disc area


An «wtcnsM* «иопісж ІЛ mctuctas toman – Mowing rariv ana tawartl-кхЛяд infra-rod «tnaora.


The I IS Marine Corps had ІЧ. ЧМ1 strong believers in the value of the helicopter since Korea, and during the Vietnam War it was the Marines who were the inspiration for the largest and most powerful helicopter in the world outside the Soviet Union From tlreir earliest battles in 1965 they counted on the Іюх – diaped, heav>’lift S-6S to haul ammunition, troops ami supplies from logistics bases right out to the battle area To the Marines who use air power as an adjunct to ground forces. rliL – 5-65 provided a new


standard of speed and mobility in battle

The СН-53Л was the only version ol’ the Sikorsky S-65 for smiK* time after the lust flight on II October 196-t. In time, however, others saw the value of the powerful machine I S Navy Mil – and Kll-53* were used to sweep mines at sea, the US Air Force’s HU-53 Super Jolly’ is a dedicated combat rescue machine Other important operators iru linie Xustria. Germany and Israel The Marines’ ‘ultimate’ twin-


22.02 m (72 tt. 3 m.) 20.47 m (67 ft. 2 in.) 7 6 m (24 tt 11 in.) 37&1 m’ (4,070sq ft.)






D-0 ho*copter* can be fitted with rotor btade* nod powertu •ngnet and land to ®a Ustor Van thee vnoDer brethren The CH-53 a no exception Even whan carrying a heavy load, it і етап» one of the fntnl heicopteri m the world.

  Sikorsky’s strong lifter



M5 Ln. ti |Шв. р.*.|


MI-76 ЛШГ 731 tanh |IB m p Й |

Ы J?1 SU7fH FRflOM ^

  Sikorsky’s strong lifter

Special operations MH-S3s have mounts for heavy machme-gum о» шиї)-barret Minguns m the stda doors and on the rear ramp.


the! Ш bumper 6 My retractable and ttw tota-biadod tat rotor is -•gritty canted to port


S-65s in service

J MARINE ASSAULT: The CH-53 was designed pnmanfy for Unitod Stares Marino Corps, winch uses the type as its rr/mary hoavylirt assault hofecoptcr. Currant versions can carry 9-tonne payload


Sikorsky’s strong lifterSikorsky’s strong lifterSikorsky’s strong lifter



• Heavylift transport helicopter • Combat rescue • Minesweeper

Подпись:S-65/CH-53О no of the rotary-wing marvels of tho Vietnam era, the Sikorsky S-65 was the largest helicopter built outside the USSR. Its dynamic parts (rotor, gearboxes and control system) were developed from those of the earlier S-64 SkyCrane and made extensive use of titanium. Fitted with folding rotor blades for shipboard stowage and given the designation CH-53 Sea Stallion by the US Marines, the S – 65 emerged as the world’s most capable assault transport.

Sikorsky S – 65/CH-53

◄ Grenada attack

The CH-53 saw action In tho US invasion of Grenada, landing large numbers of Mannes. The CH-53 fleet suffered no casualties in the operation, although UH-60s and AH – Is were shot down.


▲ Heavy lifter

The CH-53 was one of the few
helicopters in Vietnam that could
recover damaged aircraft, such
as this Grumman A-6D.

▼ Soldiering on

Although succeeded in the 1980s
by the more powerful СН-53Є
Super Stallion, the CH-53D
remains in widespread service.




► US Air Force CH-53 cargo-haulors and HH-53B/C ‘Super Jollios’ began reaching Vietnam In 1967.

> Tho Interior of the CH-53 Is fitted with rollers for easy movement of cargo.

>• Air Force special operations HH-53Hs and MH-53JS are rebuilds of HH-53B/Cs.

>• Germany has the biggest fleet of S-65s outsido tho USA. VFW-Fokker licence – built 110 of the helicopters for the army.

>• RH-530s wore usod as transports in the hostage roscue attempt in Iran In 1960.

>• Marine pilots demonstrated that the S-65 could perform loops and rolls.


• Minesweeper • Hostage rescue helicopter • Heavy lift

From the 34th CH-53A Sea Stallion

onwards, all examples of the type were fitted with hardpoints enabling them to deploy towed minesweeping equipment. The US Navy (USN) soon decided that a dedicated minesweeping helicopter was required, and 15 RH-53As were produced by modifying CH – 53As with more powerful engines. These helicopters wore the stopgap before the definitive RH-53D could be introduced.

▼ Rescue bid

Lined up on the deck of USS Nimitz, throe Sea Stallions are prepared for the covert rescue mission Into Iran. Tho holicoptors woro pamtod In a sand scheme.

S-65/RH-53D▲ Personnel transport

Navy crewmen exit from the rear loading ramp of this RH-53D. seen on the flight line at Ascension Island in the South Atlantic. The helicopter has proved very versatile.

Deck operations ►

Crewmen cover an RH-53D to protect the helicopter from the corrosive marine environment.

▼ Agile performer

Despite its high weight and largo site, the helicopter’s manoeuvrability is exceptional.

Joint exercises ►

Operating with tho Spanish navy on joint mineswoeping duties, these two examples are fitted with additional fuel tanks on pylons to increase their sweep area.


► RH-53Ds were deployed to tho Persian Gulf for minesweeping operations in 1987, and In 1991 for Desert Storm.

>■ Minesweeping equipment is towed behind the helicopter on a trapeze.

>■ Towing equipment was installed from the 34th production aircraft onwards.

>• Once brought to the surface, mines are detonated using two door-mounted machine-guns.

>■ Though a dedicated minesweeper, the helicopter also has a transport role.

► Eight RH-53DS were used to fly Into Iran during Operation Eagle Claw in 1980.

Подпись: Sea-sweepingStallion

S-65/RH-53DПодпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись: Endurance: 4 hrПодпись: Initial climb rate: 644 rrv'per mnuto 12.113 f p.m ) at sea levelПодпись: Range: :i3km|256 ml )Подпись:Подпись:S-65/RH-53DПодпись: Above: Uft/ng off from tho dock of USS Guadalcanal, an RH-53D sots out on another mission. The helicopters are normally assigned to amphibious assault ships.Подпись:

Early experience with

mine>wet*ping helm*pler> stall as the НИ-3 Sea King bail ііеіііоомпііечі lli. il am totury-wingixl type engaged In stall work would require ■ numious power reserves so that ■I could overcome the liras °l llie loweil mine sled as It moved through the water

Powered by two 3266-kW I Tfn-GF-US

uirtxishafls. the KH-53D proved to Іч* an excellent aircraft for the ole In addition, the new
machine lias a manlier of features front tlte KII-MA It also had provision for an tn – Ihglu refuelling probe anil carried two 1893-Utre (500-ggl.) external fuel tanks

I’sing Boeing V’crtol Mk 103. American General Mk 101 ami Edo Mk 103 systems to counteract contact, acoustic and magnetic mines, respectively, the HH-5.30 also employs the*

AN. SIM I Magnetic t >r. mge І’і|ч – system against shallow-water mines Such mines are brought

Above: A mineswovpmg operation is perlormed in the Persian Gulf under tho watchful eye of a UH – IN.

to the surface, where the are detonated by fire from the HI 1-3.31 >4 two swivel-mounted 12." nun machine-guns.

I he КІІ-ЗЗІ) was dKistniusly and inappropriately used in the IWi Eagle Claw operation.



Sd* by-srie cockpd tsentnq provides kr ocxxJ grew со-оп)л<июп rboito^ed on me bottom of me •< ищр out two ergo rrvrcra wheft

і ow t*w сто lo оoenryn СХУЛІЇОПЧ

to Чи* rwr of tho hoaccoter tha m t irleutflrty tnofui when 0» Моего a •*fKJ tCHMXl


Because o« me mcronso m power roquma the forties и» replaced with the mem po/vwW TG4-GE-416. which oltofed an nrprovod safety margin for operator» own watt» and wton іиод m* lowed me# ttod


A torge. w Uodco rotor eves tho ЛН-5Э0 a huge IT05 nb«v when a win! tor its юч> Adopted from t«nveus S3 mode» the design has provtxl to be extromofy mlnfSo


A totting tat« Mtea to the RH-S30. eon»ng the netcooter to use *rcraft-carrier tfts The targe ma? tot rotor gives me RH-53D oxcotent rn sponso to ptot input*





The RH-530 is steadily being removed from tront-lino service. This brightly coloured example belongs to HM-12 serving aboard tho assault ship USS Inchon.


An optional refusing piece can *1 attached to the RH-530. kr •’ ivya rehsenng from а КС їЗО •taraitcs tanker orcreft.


Addition» tad a earned о two large tanks poMoneo on «her sde ot the fuselage. Ther sponsors rtso provide extra l« dumg tight munoeuues.


The nvir looting rump л rotanod on the RH 530. gang the ягегап а secondary Ivxivy transport irfe.



3 DESERT ONE DISASTER: As helicopter No. З і tied oft it struck the fuselage of a waiting Hercules. Fire immediately broke out. krfcng eight solders, and the mission was aborted.


2 RESCUE BID: As dusk fell, isght pmk – camouftaged RH-53D» lifted off the deck of USS Nurmi and crossed the Iranian coast west of Choh Bahar. en route to Desert One to meet the six C-130s


1THE RESCUE PLAN: A plan was devised to rescue American civilians held hostage in the US Embassy in Tehran. The operation was divided Into three stages.

• .vovor. the catastrophe at Desert One meant that the Tension was aborted at the first phase